canceled games/Updates

UpdatedThursday April 14, 2022 byLH.

Any cancellations due to weather will NOT be made until after 3pm.  At that point notification will be made to each coach and then the website will be updated. You will recieve an email if your game is canceled. This is Spring in Idaho so please keep that in mind and dress accordingly!  


RECENT UPDATES: As you all know the weather has been crazy for the beginning of our spring season and we are having to make some adjustments to reschedule all the games and make sure everyone gets to play. Here are the changes we are making:


  • We will be filling in games as we can during the week, but they might not be on the normal days your team usually plays, or could be a Friday night.
  • We will also be doing a huge day of games on Saturday, April 23rd as well. 
  • Our season will be extended one week to allow for more games to be played as needed. 
  • Tournament dates will be adjusted one week as well. The new dates will be May 16-20th. 

Please be watching the app and emails for when your team will be playing as we schedule games. 


Thank you for being understanding and flexible as we all work together to have an amazing season!