Opening Day

UpdatedThursday March 31, 2022 byTwin Falls.

Opening Ceremonies Line up:


-Teams will line up in their designated location by 10:30

-Each division is assigned a color and each team has a number (alphabetical order) 

There will be stakes in the ground with all of these same colors/numbers so please know where your team should be.


We will start at 11am!



-Color Guard/National Anthem


-Teams take the field/pitchers mound team photo


Lindsey will be directing teams to know when it is their turn. When your team is announced they will enter the field and run along the back edge of the infield to behind second base (behind the balloon arch) They will run through the arch and stop at home plate. Face the score shack where our photographer will take a quick team photo. (hold up your poster board so we know what team you are in your picture) the team will then run back through the balloon arch the way they came and go to their designated location in the outfield. (odd numbers to the left, even numbers to the right. Teams will be announced by the oldest divisions first down to our Tball teams.

You will only have approx 30-45 seconds of your team music playing while this is all happening. We have 48 teams to get through!!! so teams need to make a quick entrance through the balloon arch, take a very fast team photo, and quickly go back through the balloon arch and get to their outfield positions. 


  Babe Ruth (red)

  1. Canyon Ridge Crimson: Cristalyn and Kyle

  2. Canyon Ridge Silver: Michelle William and Mark

  3. Filer Red: Ty and Joshua

  4. Filer White: Lucas

  5. Kimberly: Ethan Chantell and Todd

  6. TF Navy: Rocky Ryan and Samuel

  7. TF Gray: Timothy and kasey


10U (pink)

  1. Alabama Crimson: woody and Todd

  2. UCLA Bruins: Manuel and Taylana


12U (pink)

  1. Angels: Candis and Deserae

  2. Rockies: Terri and Erica

  3. White Sox: Reed


14U (pink)

  1. Astros: Chance and Mariah

  2. Red Sox: Daniel and Crystal 


Majors (Green)

  1. Angels: Thomas

  2. Braves: Todd and Billy

  3. Brewers: Greg and Jeremey

  4. Dodgers: Matthew and Amanda

  5. Giants: James and Gregory

  6. Mariners: Kevin

  7. Pirates: Ryon and Russ

  8. Red Sox: Seamus and Cody


Minors (orange)

  1. Angels: Mason and Lindy

  2. Braves: Kody and Tyler

  3. Cardinals: Lane

  4. D-Backs: Jerry

  5. Dodgers: Dave and Wade

  6. Mariners: Tanner and Reshaun

  7. Padres: Spencer and Jacob

  8. Yankees: Jayme and Wayne


Rookies (blue)

  1. Angels: Trent and Craig

  2. Braves: Justin and Doug

  3. Cardinals: CJ and Jason

  4. Dodgers: Clint and Chad

  5. Giants: Jake and Trevor

  6. Padres: Mark and Christopher

  7. Red Sox: Joel and Keith

  8. Yankees: Kaci and Lacee


TBALL (yellow)

  1. Angels: Joseph and Lucas

  2. Athletics: Lucinda and Tyler

  3. Braves: Tia and Lindsey

  4. D-Backs: Mechelle and Kelci

  5. Dodgers: Donna and Josh

  6. Giants: Andrew and Courtney

  7. Mariners: Sarah and Caitlan

  8. Padres: Brandon and Julee

  9. Pirates: Travis and Lindsey

  10. Rockies: Jenna and Amber


-AERIAL PHOTO: Teams will look up for an Aerial Photo (Drone) all teams will be in their designated outfield position. 




-Event is over teams are excused (except Rookies and Tball)

 Rookies and Tball coaches please stay in the outfield and tell your parents to come pick the kids up instead of letting them run off. We will have a lot of people at this event and don’t want to lose any kids. 

Food: will be sold by the parking lot. There will also be dessert vendors. Encourage your families to stay and eat.

2022 Cal Ripken Opening Day Team Line Up.pdf