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There are two score books, your team book which came with your gear and the official HOMEBOOK that is in the score shack for that field. Home team score keeper must be in the shack filling out the official home book. (except Tball) This book stays at the field for other teams to see as they play. The umpire is required to sign this after each game and all discrepancies will be judged off of the official home book. (You can also fill out your team score book at the same time but this is mostly used for away games) Away score keeper can be in the score shack as well.

PITCH COUNT: (Minors/Majors/Babe Ruth) - 

There are several regulations that are monitored to make sure we are taking care of players as they are pitching. Every game there should be a pitch count form filled out as the score book is done. These sheets are found in the score shacks at the field. The umpire will sign this sheet and then it stays at the field

Please send a photo of the final pitch count sheet to the appropriate person below: 

Abbey (Minors/Majors) - 208-827-0150

Suzie (Babe Ruth) - 208-358-3432



Make sure you submit your score on the app after each game. Go to the SSU App, Find your game and select it. Go the the LIVE section. Click on the the three dots on the right. Click edit score. Enter your score. Click Save.


According to Babe Ruth rules we do not allow any use of alcohol and tobacco products on fields or in dugouts. This is for all league and tournament games. This includes smokeless tobacco, e-cigarettes, vapors and alcohol related products

Jerseys: players names and numbers must be visible at all times. 

SAFETY: Coaches you are responsible for all kids to be picked up from games and practices before you leave the fields. 



Helmets: all players need to wear helmets with face masks. It's required. If a helmet without a face mask is on a kid on the field, the umpire will warn coaches and 2nd time the coach will be removed.

Pitching machines: If you are the Home team/First game you are responsible for setting up the pitching machines. make sure it is measured correctly. machines, game balls, and power cords are all found in the score shack. Umpires will be there to assist. Test pitching speed and aim. If you are the away team/ last game you are responsible for putting the machines away. 


COACHES CORNER is located on our website under the menu. This is where info specifically for coaches is posted. 

-DRILLS: are now posted in coaches corner. This is a great resource. 

-SCORE BOOK TRAINING: This is also where you can find some training videos for how to keep Score Book. It is essential that you have someone running the score book. (except Tball) If you are the home team and you do not have someone to do the books, your team will forfeit the game. In the past they have been lenient on this but we must enforce it for games to run smoothly.



Reach out to Amber with any questions



-You can use the app to schedule practices. If a practice is made public it will show up on the cal ripken calendar (found on our website) Because fields can not be reserved for practices and we have so many teams, it is helpful to see where other teams are tentatively practicing so you know what is available around town. 

-just an FYI when parents subscribe to the calendar from the app it will not update as changes are made. So if you add a practice it will not show up on their  individual phone calendar, just the app. Let parents know the most accurate calendar is from the app. Don't rely on subscribing to the calendar. 




If your team has ordered jackets or other approved items that need to be paid by sponsor money, please email or turn in your receipt to Abbey Hall and make sure there is a mailing address that she can mail the check to.



If at any point you have questions or need assistance with anything reach out to your division leader first!

T-Ball Lindsey Hughes 

Rookies Lindsey Hughes

Minors Wayne Warren

Majors Ryon Murray

Softball Suzie Human

Babe Ruth Rachael Simson